Slippers that tell Stories

THE SHAPE The pointed shoe accompanied the centuries. We found it in the Lusitanian tribes, where a pointy wooden base was used to protect and for war. In medieval times the pointed end was extremely exaggerated, in the Renaissance and Baroque was balanced with the height of the heel and the accessories while in recent centuries has followed the fashion trends. THE CONCEPT It is intended to base the concept of each slipper on the tangible and intangible heritage of each of the Portugal’s Historical Villages. The concept used for each of the twelve slippers passes for legends, facade decorations, traditions, musical instruments, military uniforms, landscape textures, important events in the history of each village as well as distinguished figures that marked our history. What was important for the choices was its extreme representativity for each of the Historical Villages. THE RAW MATERIAL In design we tried to use an ancient technique of the Serra da Estrela region - the use of rags in the composition of the slipper boot sole. For the visible top we chose local raw materials such as the papa blanket, burel, linen and cotton fabrics.

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