Mountain Bike Tour in the Portuguese Historical Villages | Self-Guided

Visit remote 12th Century Historical Villages. Ride, inn to inn, on Roman paths and enjoy awesome single tracks. The most challenging mountain bike rides in Portugal!

Includes: Included: 6 accommodations with breakfast Mobile phone with 24H help line Luggage transfers Van support Maps and documentation GPS device and GPS tracks Insurance A2Z offer and water bottle

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From Oct. 14, 2018 to Oct. 21, 2018

Discover the history of the oldest European border. They are very small dots on the world map nevertheless it was thanks to them that the fate of a country was changed. A2Z proudly presents you twelve villages that will mesmerize you with their century-old castles and traditions.
Dare yourself to wear the shoes of the great conquerors who claimed these lands for the Portuguese venture. Twelve villages spread across Central Portugal’s inland territory, each one more surprising than the one before. Mesmerizing landscapes, perfect desert roads and ancient trails and astonishing castles overlooking the Villages will be the “cherry on top” by the end of the day with A2Z.

Come and enjoy the privilege of hiking or walking along some of the most impressive Portuguese natural parks like Estrela Mountain, where the highest mountain of continental Portugal resides, or Faia Brava Private Protected Area, the first private conservation area in Portugal.

Great Route 22, aka GR22, will take you across these natural wonders and the iconic Historical Villages in a safe and pleasant journey thanks to its loop shape and the omnipresent marks.

The History of the Villages will certainly impress you. However, the pleasure of ending the day with the greetings of an ancient local inhabitant, still reflecting in is face the hardness and the happiness of a life lived in harmony with the strengths of nature, is one of those moments that will make you smile of joy and gratitude.

The climax of tasting the local history will happen when you sit at the table and you discover flavors still in touch with is surroundings and odors that still remind you the meadows. Even the clattering sounds coming from the kitchen may transport you back to the memories of slow cooking pans hoovering the fire.

Exploring the History, the traditions, the colors, the smells and the tastes of such a diverse territory and culture is an adventure one can only take on under the commitment of a slow journey and the award of achieving it through your effort. A2Z will be right behind you.