A2Z Adventures opened in 2006. It was a small but extremely professional company whose aim was to provide its customers with unique experiences. A2Z Adventures makes the most of its (and our) passion for travelling and organises exceptional bicycle touring, trekking and off-road bilking programmes all over the world. We think that these are the best ways of travelling, at a gentle pace in close contact with nature and local cultures. Here at A2Z Adventures we love our work we only organise trips that we ourselves would like to take. It’s as simple as that. The most important thing for all of us is guaranteeing our customers some unforgettable moments. Whether travelling along a Buddhist valley in the Himalayas or visiting a small historical village in Europe, our goal is always to offer our customers more intense, more genuine experiences, while also guaranteeing that they have time to interact with the local people, learn about their culture and traditions and indulge in their favourite activity (trekking or cycling). Opening Hours: 9H00 - 19H00 Address: Largo da Bica 6230-160 Castelo Novo - Fundão Contacts: (+351) 275561182 (+351) 917946653 E-mail: Web Site: Facebook: