New Hand Lab

New Hand Lab - Fabrica António Estrela / Júlio Afonso is a workshop of new artists. Local artists produce pieces related to wool. But there is also sculpture, photography and water colour. This showcase of creativity located close to the emblematic Carpinteira de Carrilho da Graça footbridge is yet another reason to visit industrial and Jewish Covilhã. Francisco Afonso was ten years old when he first ventured into this industrial complex. This was in the golden age of wool-making and industrial Covilhã was an unquestionable attraction. Boyhood games were invariably played the in a factory. This explains the affection between Francisco Afonso and the treasures built by António Estrela. It was just a small step from memories of the past to his current relationship with the sale of creative works. Francisco Afonso wanted to put on a different path an old building that today is as gloomy as it is icy. But it’s always possible to make things happen. The upcoming year will witness the beginning of a number of events associated with the arts and new talents. “Putting the place on a new route devoted to Covilhã’s industrial archaeology is an idea worth bearing in mind,” Francisco Afonso told us. Opening Hours: By Appointment Address: Rua Mateus Fernandes -Travessa do Ranito 6200 - Covilhã GPS: N 40º 17´08´´ W 7º 30´16´´ Contacts: (+351) 962697493 E-mail: Facebook: New Hand Lab - Covilhã

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